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THEMIS IIM Suite is a ground breaking information management suite available on-premise and in the cloud for Microsoft 365 and SharePoint. THEMIS IIM Suite includes our THEMIS IA and THEMIS RM products (for information architecture and records management) that align your corporate compliance for records management.

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We ‍‍‍make it simple for you to create, design and deploy your information architecture.

Information Architecture Design and Publishing

We make it simple for you to consolidate your information across multiple platforms.

Records Management

We ‍‍‍provide virtual training through machine learning and artificial intelligence. Plus, we also provide hands-on training with our dedicated team.

Professional Services and Training

We make your life easy through machine learning, artificial intelligence‍‍‍ and our always-on chatbot

Machine Le‍‍‍arning, Artificial Intelligence and the THEMIS chatbot

We automate your IM business processes through an advanced rules-based engine.


We run on the Azure Cloud or on-premise.


We make it easy for you to find what you need — in record time.

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