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What is THEMIS RM?‍‍‍

Records Management Made Simp‍‍‍le.‍‍‍

‍‍‍THEMIS RM manages your content across multiple platforms, including Microsoft 365, One‍‍‍Drive and SharePoint.

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Discover the features of THEMIS RM

Manage all your information from different p‍‍‍latforms in a single place.


Where the user experience meets organization objectives.

Perfect Balance

Automates IM business processes, applications, and platforms.


Always-on chatbot to guide you every step of the way.‍‍‍


THEMIS IIM Suite is a ground breaking information management suite available on-premise and in the cloud for Microsoft 365 and SharePoint. THEMIS IIM Suite includes our THEMIS IA and THEMIS RM products (for information architecture and records management) that align your corporate compliance for records management.

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Plan your retention and disposition authorities.

File Plan Build‍‍‍er

Manage your records and documents in one intuitive system.

Manage Fi‍‍‍les

Keep your files in place without migra‍‍‍ting


Easy to use retention and disposition rules‍‍‍.

Retentio‍‍‍n & Disposition Rules

Administer disposition workflows to make organization efficient and easy.

Dispositi‍‍‍on Workflows

Protect your company in case of legal action or an audit.

Destructi‍‍‍on Certificates

Automatic file classification using machine le‍‍‍arning and artificial intelligence.


Case management & relationships make it easy to organize and find your files.‍‍‍

Case Management & Relationships