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Press Release: THEMIS Now Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

HELUX, December 18 2018

Building and deploying a proper information architecture and records management program is now simple and accessible to all Microsoft customers directly from the Azure Marketplace. Canada (PRUnderground) December 17th, 2018 HELUX is pleased to announce that THEMIS, their groundbreaking information management suite that offers innovative products f...

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Why legacy ECM systems fall short of meeting organization's needs

HELUX, November 1 2018

Legacy enterprise content management (ECM) systems are not meeting organization’s needs and don’t have the capabilities to surface information to the right people — at the right time. In a recent webinar, John Brown, CEO of HELUX, explained that the workplace is changing: content is being created in different formats, residing in different places a...

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Webinar: Streamlining Information Management for SharePoint and O365

HELUX, October 22 2018

*Please note this webinar has passed, but you can still watch the recording here Date: Wednesday, October 17, 2018 A good information architecture can be the difference between a SharePoint system that is widely used and one that sits on the shelf. It should enhance content findability for the users and provide content lifecycle management for the...

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Press Release: HELUX Chosen as a Charter Member for the Microsoft Content Services Partner Program‍‍‍

HELUX, October 11 2018

The Microsoft Content Services Partner Program is a select group of companies who are designated as “Microsoft Preferred.” Canada (PRUnderground) October 11th, 2018 HELUX is proud to announce that they have been chosen as a charter member for the Microsoft Content Services Partner Program. The program is specifically designed to help customers real...

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Organizations are demanding access to content buried in information landfills

HELUX, June 28 2018

In AIIM’s latest e-book Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions, organizations are being pushed to evolve from a transactional-oriented business model to an information-rich customer experience. Alan Weintraub, an analyst who participated in the webinar, says it’s leading to more people questioning why it’s more difficult to do business with compa...

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Poor document management driving employee turnover? New study reveals yes

HELUX, June 8 2018

Poor document management is a major driver for employee turnover, according to a new study on broken processes in the workplace. A Nintex study revealed the top five most broken processes in American workplaces are technology troubleshooting, annual performance reviews, promotion, employee onboarding and document management. It also revealed that 6...

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How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing Intelligent Information Management for the better

HELUX, May 31 2018

Organizations are waking up to the fact that information is coming into their organization more quickly than it can be intelligently managed. John Brown, CEO of HELUX, says one solution is to modernize information management strategies — which means levering artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

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Why Intelligent Information Management should be on every organization’s radar

HELUX, May 31 2018

Q&A with Cham Tanh, CTO at HELUX What exactly is intelligent information management? When organizations search for information, they want to access the most accurate and recent content. This has been a constant requirement for every enterprise content management (ECM) platform. With the rise of big data and the movement to content services, they’re...

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